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Design Education

Offering designers a range of educational resources, including self-paced courses, sessions, in-person experiences, one-on-one coaching, and additional options.

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the resources

Creative Composition
(1 on 1 Coaching)

An exclusive 1-on-1 coaching experience. Over two transformative months, you'll receive ongoing coaching  support as I guide you through refining your processes, enhancing your design skills, and boosting your business expertise.

Investment: $4997

Primary Principles
(Group Course)

An 8-week group graphic design course led by Mia. Master the fundamentals of design through 7 modules and bonuses, ideal for beginners and intermediate designers. Enjoy 8 bi-weekly Zoom calls and a supportive Facebook community for creative growth and skill development.

Investment: $2497

Primary Principles
(Self Paced)

A self-paced graphic design course, with 7 comprehensive modules and valuable bonuses. This course covers all the fundamental basics of design. It's the perfect choice for both beginners and those with intermediate design skills looking to solidify their foundation.

Investment: $1497

The Design Academy™
(In-Person Experience)

A transformative 1-day in-person experience led by Mia – where you collaborate with peers, sharing knowledge, insights, and ideas. Together, you'll problem-solve, set and achieve goals, and provide mutual support and accountability, elevating your design expertise.

Investment: $697

Creative Clarity
(Pick My Brain)

Gain valuable insights and strategic ideas during your call, perfect for when you need a specific question answered, quick inspiration or direction.

Investment: $197

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