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Design N Depth


Learning design on your own can be overwhelming. It's time to eliminate that stress!

Eliminate the frustration

of learning brand design!

You're struggling to design in professional programs like Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. You're sifting through tutorial after tutorial, but nothing seems to be making sense. You’re feeling like you just can’t find the right steps. 

Gain control of your processes & projects!

You're exhausted with all the repetitive tasks that need doing in your business. You need a system that will help you achieve more, but you don't know where to start.

Charge your worth & attract your dream clients with confidence!

You know you could do more, but you feel you can’t charge your worth because you feel your skill set doesn’t meet a certain standard. You feel you need to learn more & design more before you can charge more.

Stop wasting time searching

for the answers + piecing

together advice.

You can’t find the ‘right’ advice on social media – and you don’t feel like sorting through the fluff. You want a direct connection with someone who is already where you're headed so they can give you relevant advice. You need actionable advice and suggestions.

Design N Depth

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Design N Depth is a 10 week online course for brand & graphic designers who want to elevate their design skills, charge their worth, and attract their dream clients with confidence.

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