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Registration Closes: When all seats are sold. 




THIS SIX HOUR INTENSIVE MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU, IF: ​You want to enhance your business skills + your graphic design skills.You want to learn the tools I use to brand + market my business.You want to learn techniques to advertise and promote your business. You want to gain clarity on your target audience + how I gained repeat clientele.+ MORE! Unlimited questions and nothing off limits, if you have a question.. ASK!


​BUSINESS SKILLS: You're looking to grow + boss up your design business with new business skills and design skills OR if you're a business owner and you want business tips + learn to make your own graphics.


GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILLS: You want to learn how to create custom logos, marketing collateral (business cards), + more!You want to learn the in's and out's of the professional software required to design.You want to learn how to accurately choose the dimensions for your designs (digital + print). You want to learn how to design cleanly but avoid creating busy + trendy content.___

*All sales are final – Deposits are non-refundable.*

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The Design Academy - Atlanta, Georgia – Full Payment

  • Payment plans are now available: See here.


    First Deposit: $394.00

    Final Deposit: $394.00


    Class must be paid in full two weeks prior to the class.

    • In order to get the most out of this workshop, you should ensure that you arrive on time and attend the session in full.


    • Class session begins at 10AM - until 4PM. If you are unable to attend the event as originally scheduled, you must notify us by email at


    • Late comers are admitted only at the discretion of the workshop leader. You are not entitled to a refund because of your lateness or if you miss all or a portion of the workshop.


    • If behavior or conduct is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate, you will be asked to leave the workshop. No refund of fees will be made.


    • Designs by Mia Creative Studio is entitled to change the venue or make changes to the structure of the workshop. In the unlikely event that changes are made there will be notice made to all attendees as soon as possible.


    • ​All materials, emails, and items received should only be viewed by the attendee. Materials should NOT be distributed or shared with an external party that has not registered for the workshop. 



    You must pay for your workshop registration at the time you enroll. All payments received are non-refundable (unless an unfortunate circumstance arises on behalf of Designs by Mia), but registration is transferable if approved by Designs by Mia Creative Studio.


    • Designs by Mia Creative Studio may cancel a workshop at any time prior to commencement. In the unlikely event that we cancel a workshop Designs by Mia Creative Studio will notify you as soon as possible, and any fees or deposits received from you will be refunded.


    • Please note that Designs by Mia Creative Studio will not refund travel or accommodation costs for a cancelled workshop so be sure to incorporate travel insurance into your purchases.




    As an attendee you authorize the Designs by Mia Creative Studio to use your name, likeness, photograph, and data in connection with the use and promotion of any aspect of the workshop and event including rebroadcast on a “virtual” basis. 


    Attendees must not film or record the workshop at any time without permission.


    Designs by Mia Creative Studio not responsible for any personal injury or damage to property arising from incidents occurring at the workshop venue.

    Please be aware of where you keep your belongings at the workshop and please remember to check for your equipment at the end of the workshop so you do not leave anything behind. We are not responsible for loss of, or damage to, your personal property.



    The Contract contains all the terms agreed between you and Designs by Mia Creative Studio and supersedes any discussions or other information previously provided concerning the workshops.


    The undersigned hereby agree to the terms, conditions and stipulations of this agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business. 


    This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. Any changes or modifications thereto must be in writing and signed by both parties.

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