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((TOP)) Degarmo Materials And Processes In Manufacturing 10th Edition 222.pdf

Degarmo Materials And Processes In Manufacturing 10th Edition 222.pdf

Degarmo Materials And Processes In Manufacturing 10th Edition 222.pdf

Category:Engineering textbooks Category:Prentice Hall books Category:2008 non-fiction books Category:Petroleum engineeringContinuous coverage: sports can help men cope with stress By Meaghan McDermott Long-term coaching of students in physical education programs in both high schools and community colleges can make students, instructors and parents feel better about their lives. Photo by Phil Lesh EAST LANSING, Mich. – Chances are good that you’re a busy person. Whether you have a job, have a family or are actively involved in a community, life can often seem hectic. With a full-time job, a house to clean and people to parent, you might feel like your life is out of control. The good news is that a growing number of researchers believe that physical activity can have a positive effect on our mental health. Because of this, and in order to encourage long-term, all-encompassing physical activity, researchers at Michigan State University and other institutions have found that partnering with students in a sport can provide significant stress reduction, while simultaneously providing a connection with their peers and instructors. "You are what you do" is a saying often attributed to Spartan women and men alike. In the following pages, Sports*The Journal of Physical Activity and Health, highlights how physical activity has been found to be beneficial in improving a person’s stress level, and how the inclusion of sports in physical education programs can play a vital role in such stress reduction. Coaches often say they have never seen a player recover as quickly as the person who works out every day. Photo by Phil Lesh For a long time, coaches have struggled with their part in this equation. For example, research has shown that longer seasons and more intense training regimens have a significant impact on high school students’ well-being. However, some coaches believe that their responsibility stops with the athletic success of their players and instead believe that their responsibility only begins when a student signs up to play for their team. Michigan State University’s R. Reginald Drew, along with other members of MSU’s exercise science program, has made it a mission to change this perception. "This was something I took on with a passion," Drew said. "I have the same passion to inspire kids to play sports and to keep them healthy and to make sure they have fun. That's my No. 1 thing

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