• You want to enhance your business skills + your graphic design skills.

  • You want to learn the tools I use to brand + market my business.

  • You want to learn techniques to advertise and promote your business. 

  • You want to gain clarity on your target audience + how I gained repeat clientele.

  • + MORE! Unlimited questions and nothing off limits, if you have a question.. ASK!


You're looking to grow + boss up your design business with new business skills and design skills OR if you're a business owner and you want business tips + learn to make your own graphics. 


  • You want to learn how to create custom logos, marketing collateral (business cards), + more!

  • You want to learn the in's and out's of the  professional software required to design.

  • You want to learn how to accurately choose the dimensions for your designs (digital + print). 

  • You want to learn how to design cleanly but avoid creating busy + trendy content. 



You can expect...

  • A very INTIMATE environment, purposely crafted to ensure that you actually are learning!

  • A very relaxed, non-judgmental learning zone.

  • Extreme transparency: Any question you have, ASK it! No fluff.

  • Refreshments will be served. 

All attendees will leave with a class box which includes: a workbook, a cloud-drive of goodies/tutorials, + MORE goodies that will be revealed at the class! Attendees will also gain access to private group for continued assistance and networking.




"Mia – I'm so happy I invested in this class. I learned so much & am eager to apply it all. Thank you for inspiring me online and in person. Keep going and take care of yourself. You have more women to inspire." – Julia Johnson


So, you want to attend... but you have questions:

I want to attend, but is this class beginner friendly?

Yes! This class is beginner friendly. This class is only for beginner or intermediate brand designers. I walk the attendees through everything, as I teach. As seen in the class video, if students require additional help – I walk around to assist them, so that they are caught up to the speed of the entire class. I have no problem with revisiting what I taught or slowing the class down for a bit to make sure everyone has it.

Do I need the design software on my laptop?

Yes, you do! When attendees arrive, they should already have Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop downloaded onto their devices. You can download the free trial version here.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your laptop, your laptop charger, and something to write with. Things to rememeber also:

  • Your phone
  • Your phone charger
  • If you can't see like me, your glasses.
  • A great learning attitude
  • Be well rested!
Feel free to dress comfy or dress however you'd like. Just a heads up, there will be a photographer + videographer in attendance.

I want one-on-one help instead, can I do that?

Yes! If you're in Atlanta, GA or willing to travel to Atlanta, GA.. absolutely! We can also work together via Zoom or Google Meet if you'd like to do that instead. We will spend the same six hours together, but one on one.. which means you have A LOT of time to yourself for learning + my undivided attention! This price starts at $1999. You can check here for availablity.

I want to attend, but I can't pay the entire amount upfront. Is there a payment plan?

Yep, sure is! You can pay upfront and save $150 off of your total, or you can opt to a payment plan of 3 payments overtime. Your balance must be paid in full before the class in order to attend. Please note: If you opt into the payment plan, you will allow the payment process to draft the deposit from your account. (for instance: if you register and pay on the 5th of the month, payments will reoccur every 5th until paid in full.) Your information is not held by me, but by the payment processor – which is Stripe. This is done securely.

What time is the class?

TBA due to COVID-19.

It's cool, we got you covered.

frequently asked questions.